How to Create High-Quality Content

How to Create High Quality Content.

How to create High Quality Content

Creating High Quality Content is a Craft that requires Skill, Time and Effort. If you are looking to boost your Search Engine Results, it is nearly impossible to reach Page 1 without creating high-quality content.

You have Two choices when it comes to Creating Content:

1 – Create Great Content and Give Google a reason to Rank you higher in the SERPs


2 – Create low quality Content / No Content Whatsoever and give Google No Reason to Boost your Search Engine Rankings.

In this post, I am going to give you some tips on Creating High Quality Content that helps you improve your Rankings in Search Engines.

Let’s Start with an Example of a Business that produces high ranking content on a daily basis:

High Quality Content

What does Buzzfeed do that’s so special?

Buzzfeed writers are MASTERS of acquiring and retaining ATTENTION:

Of course Buzzfeed have built up a large audience that regularly reads their articles.

But why do so many people read Buzzfeed Articles, when there are thousands of others to choose from?

First off, they have attractive titles that entice people to click on the article.

But that’s not what separates them from everyone else. What separates them is the CONTENT of the article or post.

At Social Empire we write High Quality Content for our Clients to separate them from their competitors and make it easy for Google to see that they are an Authoritative business that should be ranked on Page 1.

Now, we offer Local SEO Services all around the UK and USA. But let’s say for example that we have a client who wants us to do Local SEO Services in Oxford UK for them.

We have a Six Step Process to Creating High Quality Content that we use when making any piece of content.


A term you may come across when trying to rank your Pages higher on Google is you ‘Keyword Density‘. Which is essentially how many times the Target Keyword appears on that Page.


Some people will say that the Higher the Keyword Density, the Better — WRONG!



Do NOT stuff keywords into your content. Google are smarter than you think. Of course, you want to use your Keyword Multiple Times, but it must be natural and healthy if you want it to rank well.

There is no optimum Keyword Density, so don’t believe people when they say it’s 1% or 8% or anything – It all depends on the Keyword you are trying to Rank.



There are many metrics that Google use to determine your Page Ranking, and High Quality Content Creation is one at the top of list. Another Metric is Social Media Shares. This is why we offer Social Media Management as well as SEO. It allows us to create High Quality Content and then our Social Media Experts help to get it shared around on Social Media – When Google sees that a lot of people have shared and read the content, it’s definitely a Green Light.



One question we get asked all the time is ‘ Can I just surf the web and put a bunch of blogs together to make one?’ —  NO, in fact that’s the worst thing you can do. Again, Google is much smarter than you think, you can’t just copy and paste content and stamp your name on it.


Your Content has to be Original.

  • No Cheap Outsourcing
  • No Content Scraped together just for the sake of it
  • No Copied Content


There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas and inspiration from other sites and blogs, but that’s all you can take – the rest is up to you. A common myth is that Copying Content will cause your Rankings to Decrease, this is not necessarily true – as outlined here – however Copying Content certainly doesn’t improve your rankings – which is the main reason you will be creating content in the first place. Create a Valuable, Informative piece of Content around a theme that is linked to your targeted keywords, then just promote it. It’s as simple as that.





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