Our Six Step Process for Content Creation.

Here is a 6 Step Process to Creating the Perfect, Highest Quality Content in your industry.



In this Post we lay out our exact Six Step Process that we use to create High Quality Content for our clients that helps them to Rank Higher in SERPs. One of the reasons we able to Rank nearly any Website on Page 1 of Google is content we are able to write for our clients using this 6 Step Process.

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1 – Target Content Research 

Researching is probably the most tedious part of Content Creation and can sometimes take hours to find a subject matter that’s worth talking about. We use the following tools and websites to help us find Industry-Relevant Matters for us to talk about:

 –  Google Trends

 –  Google News

 –  Digg

 –  Reddit

 –  StumbleUpon

 –  UpWorthy

 – Wired

Browsing through these sites and using the tools helps you to see what content people are sharing and talking about. When you are analysing what people are sharing and talking about, make sure to check the dates of the content. If there is a Blog that has been shared 1000’s of times on Social Media, then that’s great – but if was posted in 2008 and hasn’t had much attention since then, it might be an indicator to move on.

A Golden Rule when creating Content, is that it’s Unique and hasn’t just been copied and pasted from somebody else’s blog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use other people’s articles and posts to stimulate your own thoughts and ideas. If you’re stuck and not sure what to write about,  just browse those sites and you’ll be writing in no time.

2 – Idea Time

Now that you have a topic to talk about, it’s time to decide what how you are going to talk about it. Are you going to talk about some new research you have found? Are you going to give a different opinion on the topic? Whatever you do, make sure the points your making are unique. There’s no point in just repeating what has already been said, it won’t get much attention and won’t do anything for you in SERPs. You need to plan how you are going to write about your topic, gather all the information you have collected from your research and knowledge, organise it and then begin planning.

Before you begin writing your new blog post that you can’t wait to start. Stop and think, is a Blog the best way to present my ideas.  Would my content be more effective if I create a video on it? Or an Infographic?

Here’s a quick summary of different types of content to help you decide how to format your ideas:


Infographics are most effective when you are trying to present Data, Statistics, and Research. Infographics have a high Virality Efficiency – Meaning they are often shared on Social Media and Used in Relevant Blog Posts. As long as your website URL is clearly labelled on the infographic, Bloggers will happily give you a link. This is a Great way to Build High Quality Backlinks and ultimately boost your Search Rankings. Costs for Infographics typically range from about £500 – £1500. I would recommend using the best company that you can afford, because the better your infographic is, the more likely it is to go viral.

Video and Explainer Videos:

Videos and Explainer Videos are PERFECT  for reaching target audiences in a Simple, Consumable Medium. Explainer Videos are perfect for Explaining a Product or Service and when placed on Website’s Homepage they have been known to increase Conversion Rate up to 840% !!.

How to Create Content

Here’s an example of one of our own Explainer Videos to describe our Pay on Results SEO Services , you can find it Here.

We offer Explainer Videos from £250-£500, depending on the length of the script, ( which we can write for no additional cost ).

Blog Posts:

Blog Posting is obviously a Great form of Content, as it allows you to Create Guides, Promote Products, Write Reviews, and more.. Having a Blog is a key strategy to boost your Google Rankings, and the more popular your blog, the better your Rank. Google won’t put you on their page unless you give them a reason to. A really good reason. When Google see that you’re writing Unique, High Quality Content on a regular basis that links to other Pages, receives links and Social Media Shares from other people,  Google will reward you with a High Search Ranking. We have a number of strategies to boost our clients’ Search Rankings, and well-written, and well-promoted Blogs is one of our favourites. For example, if a small Oxfordshire business signs up to our Local SEO Services in Oxford , they will most likely not have a Blog, or put out any Content altogether. So one of the first steps we take to Ranking that business locally, is writing Blog Posts on their behalf that Gives and Receives a lot of external links.

 Here’s an example of a Great, Well-Ranking Blog in a niche: Mad About The House


3. Placement and Targeting

Creating Content is only half of the job. The other half is promoting it and getting it out there. This process doesn’t need to start after you have finished your final line, and edited the last few seconds of your video. In fact, you can start promoting your Content before you have even started making it. But before you decide how to promote it, you should focus on where to promote it. First think if this is even going to be put on your website, or a guest post, or a Facebook Ad. Where are you going to be posting this Content.

How do you know where to post your particular type of Content? Here are some Popular Platforms that are most suited for specific types of content:

  • Blogger is an Easy, Free Platform for Writing and Designing Blogs
  • Facebook has more users than any other Social Medium, and is perfect for video marketing and advertising.
  • WordPress is a Great Platform to build a Website and Integrate a Blog.
  • LinkedIn is Perfect for Businesses trying to grow build an audience in a B2B Industry.
  • Quora is a Q & A website, where you can demonstrate your expertise by writing guest posts and answering questions.
  • Twitter is key when trying to attract people, Retweets allow people to quickly share your content to their whole audience.
  • Reddit , like Quora you can write Guest Posts, answering people’s questions and showing your Expertise.


4. Creation

Now you’re ready to begin creating the actual Content itself. The chances are, you’re dying to Write your Blog or Record your Video Now, but do NOT rush. Remember, all of this Preparation, Thought, Effort and Time is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME if the Content you create is subpar. Rushing your work is a result of not knowing anything about the way Content Marketing works. Take as long as you need to Create the best Content possible. Great Content gets shared on Social Media and Noticed by Search Engines but takes time to Create. Bad Content can be whipped up in a half hour, doesn’t get shared on Social Media and Search Engines like Google won’t bat an eye. You Choose.

Here’s an example of a small business that understands the Value of spending Time creating High-Quality Content:

Source: YogaDork


YogaDork have been able to build a Large Audience in one of the most competitive industries in the world: Yoga & Fitness.




Simple. They Spend time going through a similar process to this 6-Step one being played out here – and instead of Rushing to Publish their Content so that they can Promote it. They take however long they need to make sure the Blog Post is as Informative and Helpful as possible.




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